Repositioned the brand to cater to the new segment.


Rebranded to reflect the new brand positioning.

Communication Strategy

Developed a communication strategy framework to convey the message to the audience.

Communication Designs

A new approach has been given to the visual structure to make the designs trendy and appealing.


Our aim was to reposition the brand as a stylish and modern audio expert affordable to the smart and trendy youth across the globe.


The category was cluttered with so many players at different levels. Almost all the colours were used by other players in the segment. Everyone was claiming everything. So, the options were limited to distinguishing the brand and making it stand out.


We took different approaches, from product packaging to social media campaigns, to improve brand visibility. For that, we studied and researched various other brands and their communication strategies. The first step was to make Endefo stand out in its niche. We redesigned the visual spectrum and brought about a new visual presentation. We gave the brand a new colour tone inspired by the northern lights and a wave design that represents the sound wave, thus establishing the brand as a sound and audio brand. Various digital and user-generated campaigns were rolled out to increase brand awareness about the new outlook for the brand.


The change in approach and style has increased the brand preference. The transition provided the brand with a distinctive appearance and helped it stand out. Additionally, it facilitated the brand's expansion from Kerala to every corner of India, the GCC, and Africa. Numerous new products were launched in the sound category to establish the change in position of the brand as justifiable.

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