Repositioned the brand to distinguish in the segment.

Communication Strategy

Developed a communication strategy framework to convey the new positioning to the audience.

New Store Launches

Developed strategies to create a buzz around the new store launches.

Tactical Campaigns

Strategic development and implementation of tactical campaigns to increase sales.


Oxygen is known as one of South India's most reputable and highly regarded retail chains for digital goods. The digital revolution stormed over Kerala almost ten years ago, and Oxygen Digital Shop rode the crest of this revolutionary wave by providing customers with the newest technology items and completely satisfying their hopes and desires. But Oxygen was just one of the numerous digital shops in Kerala. Our task was to distinguish the brand from the rest and make it stand a class apart.


Since it was a time of technological change, Kerala was home to several digital hubs. It was difficult to set the brand apart from other digital service providers. It was a mountain to be conquered to achieve uniqueness and make the brand stand out in the marketplace.


We performed various surveys and gathered feedback from regular people to get a clear understanding of what the customers wanted to see in the digital hub. We were able to produce enough and more outputs after extensive research and analysis of the survey results, and we found out that people are giving more preference to oxygen and seeing the brand as an "expert" when choosing laptops and PCs That's how "Oxygen, The Digital Expert" came into being.


"The digital expert" was a solid and successful positioning for the brand in the market. The campaign gave the brand a distinctive positioning. Their philosophy changed from encouraging people to purchase things to helping them choose the right product. As the campaign says, Oxygen became the digital expert in a year. Oxygen has emerged as the preferred choice for all digital needs in the category!

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