Identity Design

Developed the new identity design for the brand.


Positioned the brand for the ideal audience.

Communication Strategy

Developed a communication strategy framework to convey the message to the audience.

Packaging Designs

Developed a unique structure to make the packaging designs trendy and appealing.


The objectives are to launch the brand and introduce it to the target market, increase brand awareness, and position it as the optimal choice for the relevant audience.


This was a category filled with different-level players, including world renowned brands, with almost no place for a new brand to position itself. Being a new brand, people were not familiar with the name.


We started off by weaving a brand story that intended to position Formenty in the minds of people as an international classic brand accessible to everyone with custom products designed to match the aesthetics of their homes. We created the logo, which was a combination of a minimalistic design representing the letter ‘F’ combined with the wordmark of the brand’s name. Special care was taken to give it the elegance the brand deserved by designing it with a monochromatic palette. The approach taken during the identity creation was that of a European-Italian style, which conformed with the stylish appeal of the brand’s products. Our next step was to develop a tagline that needed to be simple with easy recall value while at the same time conveying what the brand stood for. We ended up with "Life Made Simpler", which we could position easily in people’s minds. Everyone looks for a simpler life, and we wanted to tell them that’s what Formenty did for them.


We were successful in building a significant brand identity for Formenty, right from the logo to the product packaging. We gave the brand a uniquely elegant style that resembled European-Italian trends of classiness. The simple and attractive logo registered really well in the minds of our audience. Formenty as a brand received better responses from the customers, with the preference graph showing a tremendous rise.

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