Key Messaging

Develop a key message for the brand to ride on.

Communication Strategy

Developed a communication strategy framework to convey the message to the audience.

Social Media Marketing

Developed a social media strategy to establish the category and school in the market.

Lead Generation

Identify and utilize suitable mediums to drive admission enquires.


To create awareness of the institution, familiarise people with the IB education, and complete 900 admissions within 5 years.


GEMS was fairly new to Kochi, and the target audience of the region was not familiar with the name of the institution and the IB education model. Getting people to choose GEMS for their children with comparatively higher or equal fees over other established institutions in the region.


Our idea was to create a strong and influential social media presence as well as offline media reach for the brand that attracted people’s attention. A brand with a powerfully and creatively managed social media could do half the work for us. Attaining offline media reach was as significant and effective.

Passio carried out the task in two phases:

1. Phase I

We worked around the clock to create a 360-degree campaign that set the brand’s tone of voice. This campaign revolved around the idea that innovation is driven by curiosity, and GEMS Modern Academy is a nurturer of the curious mind. This campaign was published across various social media platforms and offline media, creating an engaging buzz. Within two months of this campaign's release, GEMS received about 250 admission applications, making Phase I a grand success.

2. Phase II

Now that people had started talking about the school, our next step was to keep the conversation going until we achieved our end goal. Through daily interactive posts, interesting competitions, and student engagements, Passio kept the GEMS social media platforms busy and compelling. We spoke about how as an institution, GEMS Modern Academy motivates and encourages its students through art, science, current affairs, wisdom, and various extracurricular activities. This defined the importance GEMS places on morality and talent enhancement.


As a result of our brand campaign and follow-up creatives, GEMS Modern Academy received a total of 400 admission applications during the year 2020 and closed 900 admissions by 2022, which was the maximum number of seats available. This has been accomplished in three years, leaving two years until the intended course of action.

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